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  1. 4 lbs organic chicken bones
  2. 1 organic medium-large yellow or spanish onion, peeled & cut in half
  3. 3 organic carrots, cut each carrot into 3 pieces
  4. 2 organic celery stalks, cut each stalk into 3 pieces
  5. 4 organic cloves garlic, peeled
  6. 3 bay leaves
  7. 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  8. 1 tsp sea salt
  9. 1 tsp peppercorn
  10. 1520 cups filtered water


  1. Place all ingredients (except water) into a large slow cooker
  2. Cover everything with water ( roughly 15-20 cups of water)
  3. Cook on low for 12-36 hours
  4. Now it’s time to strain the soup! You can use a wire mesh strainer, a nut bag, or cheese cloth. Place strainer of choice over a large glass bowl and pour the cooked liquid through it to remove all of the bits and pieces from the broth.
  5. Divide into containers to store in fridge.


  1. This is an unflavoured broth. I like to flavour it each time I have a cup and add sea salt, tumeric powder, and even grated ginger.
  2. Fat- If you want to remove the fat place the liquid into the fridge. A layer will come to the surface which can be removed with a spoon.
  3. GEL- It is very normal for your bone broth to form into a gel! This is a good thing! Once it is heated it will transform back to liquid.