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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had an opportunity to have some down time. In the spirit of the new year, I’m sharing some ‘health hacks’ so you’re set up for success come 2019! As the title suggests I’m sharing tips on how to stay healthy ON THE GO, and how inconspicuous options like a gas station can come in handy (more on that

When it comes to eating well my #1 tip has always been to plan ahead. You can day dream about all the healthy food you envision for your lifestyle, but if you don’t have a plan in action, it most likely won’t end up happening.

The number one challenge that my friends, family, and clients share with me is that “life” gets in the way. Many people know the basics: “drink more water, avoid over eating, workout more, etc.” but still find themselves in situations where they are snacking on a bag of chips and sipping on a sugary drink because they didn’t have time to plan ahead.

I often find myself on the go from client to client, only to forget that I forgot a protein bar or apple. That’s when knowing my options ahead of time can help! I teamed up with Shell for this post to share the insider scoop: gas stations have healthy options too. Yes, you heard me, Shell gas stations now carry healthier snack options! I love seeing initiatives that support health goals in a really accessible way. After all, everyone needs gas, right?

Healthier Snack Options at Shell:

  • When you have a sweet craving – Try something with dark chocolate! I like the
    chocolate covered cherries or barkThins. These are both super tasty but less processed
    than conventional chocolate bars.
  • When you need a protein fix– Beef Jerky. Note- there are tons of options, so make sure
    to choose one with the least preservatives (read your labels). My go-to is the brands are
    Krave and Lorissa’s Kitchen and I would opt for the turkey or beef options.
  • When you want a filling snack or mini meal– Protein Bar! My choice would be a Quest
    Bar or low sugar Kind bar.
  • When you want something light that hits the spot– coconut chips!
  • When you want something salty– I know the moment we walk into gas stations it’s so
    easy to grab a bag of chips! I would choose something similar and tasty like Veggie
    Straws 🙂
  • Healthy fat option– Unsalted nuts.

I like that Shell can be a one-stop-shop. Fill up on a gas, try some new healthier snack options, and you’re back on the road within minutes! Hope this was helpful, please reach out with any further questions!


This post was sponsored by Shell. All views and thoughts are my own.