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I am absolutely in love with NYC. Over the past 10 years, I have been lucky enough to frequent this city on multiple occasions, to the point where I consider it my second home. Visiting for both work and pleasure has guided my sense to discover some of the most incredible cages, restaurants, workouts, rooftops, and epic brunches. Here is an updated list of my favorite spots!


  • Jacks Wife Freda: This is the cutest and most Instagram-able spot. It’s the ideal brunch because they have lots of healthy options.  Get the Mediterranean breakfast!
  • Rubirosa Ristorante: You need to order the Tie-Dye pizza. Warning- they offer massive portions so sharing is necessary. Not my favorite Italian, but you need to go at least once. 
  • Sugar Fish: Delicious sushi! Makes for a fun night out, but also a fun night in. I usually do the “Trust me” box.
  • Sadelles: High-end bagels and lox with epic greek salads. Share everything! So yummy and fresh, and worth the hype.
  • Westville: Casual healthy spot. You need to get the kale salad with salmon. It is literally incredible and make sure to ask for the vinaigrette! It comes with blue cheese (which I love personally, but understand it’s not for everyone.)
  • Don Angie: Epic Italian! Get the lasagna. Delicious and unique. 
  • Zou Zou’s: Epic Mediterranean spot. Fatoush salad was insanely incredible. This may be my current favorite restaurant in NYC. Lots of salad and protein options and super vibey. Go for a drink on the rooftop post-dinner, trust me!
  • Jeffrey’s Grocery: Go for a glass of wine and enjoy some oysters. Located in the West Village. 
  • Lola Taverna: Vibey greek spot! Love it here for the yummy food and a fun atmosphere. 
  • Via Carota: Fave Italian spot EVER!!!! Share everything and order everything. Always a line. Worth it!!!
  • Polo Bar: This spot is classic and feels chic and old school. Nearly impossible to snag a reservation. Burger and fries are a must. One of the best dirty martinis I have ever had!
  • Lartusi: Incredible Italian spot that is classic and never disappoints.
  • Bondst Street: Sit in the lounge and get the tuna tart and the off menu yuza Martini

Coffee Shops:


  • Rumble: This is a boxing class on steroids. It’s a circuit and strength training. They play incredible music, and it sorta feels like you’re in a nightclub: well, a fitness-inspired night club haha. Prepare to get very sweaty!
  • New York Pilates: Obsessed with this spot. Classic pilates that is a vibe and targets all of your muscles without being too intense. 
  • Soul Cycle: Every SoulCycle spin class in NYC feels like therapy. Not only is it an incredible workout, it’s also a guaranteed endorphin high!  I know it’s $ so I try to budget it into my itinerary like I would a restaurant. 

There are tons of places I LOVE there and would recommend, but these are the ones I try to hit up every time I’m there and don’t get sick of. Had to give honourable mention to these too: Trader Joe’s, Chelsea Marketand Joe & The Juice.


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Where are your fav spots in NYC? I want to know! Leave a comment below and I’ll check them out next time I’m there.