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Yo march!

I’m all for this, but I notice that most people are extreme and unrealistic when it comes to health and wellness. The key to longterm sustainable habits = baby steps. If you want to eat better, workout more, or create a morning routine the trick = baby steps! If you have a million supplements that you don’t actually take, or notice the box of lettuce in your fridge is always going bad, this is your signal to SLOW DOWN. We often know what to do, but just can’t commit. The solution = slow down, and get specific and realistic with your goals. Start small and once something feels good, increase how often you want to do that thing. 

Here are 5 ideas to help you get on track!

  1. Water- Stop saying you’re going to drink 8 cups a day. Focus on drinking 2 glasses before lunch, set an alarm in your phone, and then send your bestie with the same water commitment a photo of your empty cup! Or dm me a photo!
  2. Pantry/Fridge- Schedule anywhere between 30 minutes to a full day to clean out your pantry! Throw out what’s not serving you and take an inventory to see if there are fruits/veggies that go bad every single week. Either stop buying packaged lettuce, or start eating it. Schedule it in now!!!
  3. Movement- Stop saying you’re going to workout 5 days a week. Focus on 1x week and once that feels good add more in. For reference my goal in January was to workout 1x week and now I’m at 4x week. Baby steps work! Also, reduce your fitness if you are overdoing it! The goal is to honour your body and to feel good.
  4. Gratitude- For 1 week, while you are already drinking your tea or coffee, take 30 seconds to to think about 1 specific thing you are grateful for. The next week increase this to 3 things, then next week write down the 3 things. 
  5. Fresh Air- Can you commit to an outdoor walk 1x week? Pro top, find a friend with a dog and join them! 

Bottom line= BABY STEPS! Stop going from 0-100, because it just doesn’t work! If you have time, block off 30 minutes with a cup of tea/coffee/wine and brainstorm 3 wellness goals for the month. Be specific, and realistic. Remember the goal of health and wellness is to feel good! What are your goals this month? Xoxo