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Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Regardless of what you are celebrating this time of year, or even if you aren’t celebrating at all, it’s always nice to have some support and guidance when trying to find the perfect gift for your fave people in your life. So, I thought I would put together a two-part holiday gift guide for the health, wellness and fitness fanatics in your life.  

These are all items I use, love and trust (and bonus, I even have a code for some of the items).

Nutribullet, $99

-As someone who also has a Vitamix I swear by the Nutrilbullet. It is powerful AF, amazing when you are in a rush, and the perfect size for blending salad dressings or something that doesn’t need such a large machine.

Avocado Oil Spray, $8 

If you follow my Insta stories you know this is a staple in my life. This isn’t something that is “trendy” it’s actually so important for your health. I do not use conventional non-stick sprays because they are full of fake crap. I love Chosen Foods Avocado Oil because it has a high smoke point. I use it every single time I make eggs, which is most days. You can find it at most health food stores and in the Organic section at Loblaws. IHART20- for 20% off chosen foods website ( best if you are in the U.S to avoid duties!)

Red Wine, $15

I happen to love Ruffino Chiante! When I think wellness I think letting loose, balance and enjoying myself; and enjoying myself often means sipping on a glass of red wine. Who’s with me?

Fab Fit Fun Box, $49

I have heard about this forever but never really got what the hype was all about until I got my very own. Let me break it down for you: $49.99 for a mystery box of incredible products (but actually incredible), all in full size bottles and valued at over $200. A perfect gift, and you can use the code: HART for $10 off your first order

Eye Masks, $26-45

I am loving Flawless By Friday Eye masks! They are free of parabens and sulfates, and reduce puffiness and dark bags under your eyes. Also, they make for the cutest selfies 😉 Code IHART15 for 15% off!

Ghee, $11-15

Ghee is butter that has been cooked to remove the lactose component, also called, clarified butter. It tastes rich like the buttery goodness we all know and love, and has a high smoke point. I put it in my bulletproof coffee and use it to stir fry veggies- it’s also great on toast. I love the brand Lee’s Provisions and Fourth & Heart

Murphy and Jo Candle, $30

Okay- truth be told I don’t actually have one yet (ehem, if you are reading this and need to get me a gift, ehem), but want one real bad. I smelled this Murphy and Jo candle at my friend’s place and immediately fell in love. They are handmade in Toronto and a portion of each sale is donated to charity. How could I not include this? Love supporting local artisans.

Monogram mug $10

I know this is so generic, but who doesn’t love an initial mug to cozy up with? This one is from Indigo!