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Did you know I am absolutely in love with NYC? Over the past 5 years, I have been lucky enough to frequent this city on multiple occasions, to a point where I consider it my second home. Visiting for both work and pleasure has guided my senses to discover some of the most incredible cafes, restaurants, workouts, rooftops, and epic brunches, In the summer of 2017, I had the unique opportunity to live the NYC dream for just two months, which was just enough time for it to completely steal my hart. 5 years of epic trips; 1 summer of living; tons of healthy and not-so-healthy eats; and too many cold brews later… MY FAVE GO-TO NYC SPOTS!


  1. Jacks Wife Freda: This is the cutest and most instagram-able spot. While also open for dinner, I only ever ventured there for breakfast/brunch.. Warning- it is always busy and they don’t take brunch reservations, so if you go on the weekend try to go as early as possible! I never like ordering the same thing, but it’s hard not to. My go to is the Mediterranean Breakfast 🙂 Feeling lunch vibes? Opt for their epic salad with couscous & chicken!
  2. The Meatball Shop- This place is BOMB! It’s trendy-meets-delicious, and a fun place to meet friends for delicious food with amazing cocktails. They don’t take reservations, so I usually call first to see how busy it is! I would go here every visit if the people I was with permitted it lol.
  3. Sweet Green–  Fast food salad, that is LEGIT! I go here at least once every time I visit NYC. It’s an especially a great spot to eat on a day you know you’ll be indulging  at night. My usual order is the Kale Caesar Salad and I substitute spicy broccoli for the cherry tomatoes, and beets instead of the parmesan cheese. I also ask for it lightly dressed with spicy cashew dressing on the side (I know, I’m such a headache). Pro Tip: This is always my plane food/last meal before I head to the airport (make sure to ask for dressing on the side) This is a healthy yet delicious option, and it’s the kinda of salad you will never get tired of! 
  4. Rubirosa Ristorante- Pretty sure this is my fave pizza place, ever! You need to order the Tie-Dye pizza. Warning- they offer massive portions so sharing is necessary. Also, they book upASAP, so if  you know that you are heading to NYC, make a reservation right NOW! Can’t say this Italian joint is healthy, but Worth. Every. Bite! 
  5. Kazunori- The Original Handroll Bar. Same owner as Sugar Fish (so you know it’s that melt-in-your-mouth-like-butter-kinda-sushi). Fresh is an understatement. I usually go here as a  midday snack to avoid lines and try out a couple hand rolls with a friend. This is a no-tip restaurant. Everyone sits at the bar, you eat, and get out. Fresh, fast and fierce. 
  6. Sadelles or Russ & Daughters– I couldn’t choose between these bagel shops, so I wrote down both. Both of these spots offer up a classic NYC fancy bagels, lox, and coffee experience. Sadelles takes reservations but  tends to be on the more expensive side. Russ & Daughters offers both a sit down or take out option. Always busy. Always fantastic. Always a celebrity siting 😉 
  7. Chobani Bar– You know that feeling when you want something healthy-ish and delicious, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? THIS. IS. IT.  I love going to Chobani bar in Soho for either breakfast or a light snack in between shopping. My go to is 1/2 small yogurt & 1/2 labneh smoked Salmon sandwich or turkey. Also, make sure to grab a cold brew next door at La Colombe, I promise you won’t regret it.
  8. Westville– My friends introduced this to me just this year, and I have to say I am devastated I did not know about it sooner. This is a perfect healthy lunch or dinner spot. I have only been to the West Village location. You need to get the kale salad with salmon. It is literally incredible and make sure to ask for the vinaigrette! It comes with blue cheese (which I love personally, but understand it’s not for everyone.) Healthy, moderately priced and delicious. 
  9. Pressed Juicery (freeze)- Warning, that not all Pressed Juicerys offer the frozen option, so do your research to avoid disappointment. The one by union square has it 🙂 Freeze is a soft-serve frozen treat using  only juices from fruits and vegetables, almonds and coconuts! It’s a vegan, gluten and dairy-free dessert packed with the same nutrition you would find in a nut milk or juice. My go to is the vanilla/chocolate swirl with strawberries, granola and the almond butter drizzle. Such a refreshing snack when you are walking around and definitely on my list of instagram-able NYC places. 
  10. Stumptown– There are tons of great coffee joints in NYC but one of my faves is Stumptown, which is attached to the Ace hotel. It’s fun to get a coffee and just relax in the lobby and people watch. (I have a huge list off coffee places, so that will be it’s own post; feel free to reach out and ask me any questions, I’d be happy to recommend them


  1. Rumble– This is a boxing class on steroids. It’s a circuit of boxing and strength training. They play incredible music, and it sorta feels like you’re in a nightclub; well, a fitness inspired night club haha. Prepare to get very sweaty!
  2. Physique 57-Honestly, I didn’t realize how much I loved barre until going to this studio. It’s sort of a barre meets dance class, that will leave your core sore for days. If you’re able to, go to the FIDI location, it’s gorgeous! I also like that you don’t get overly sweaty and you can usually do something afterwards without showering.
  3. FlyBarre Completely different to Physique 57 barre, but also amazing! It’s a full body sculpting
  4. SoulCycle– Every SoulCycle spin class in NYC feels like therapy. Not only is it an incredible workout, it’s also a guaranteed endorphin high!  I know it’s $ so I try to budget it into my itinerary like I would a restaurant. 
There are tons of places I LOVE there and would recommend, but these are the one’s I try to hit up every time I’m there and don’t get sick of.  Had to give honourable mentions to these too: Trader Joes, Chelsea Market, By Chloe, Bar Pitti, Bluestone Lane, Joe & The Juice, and Indayy.