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As a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Blogger, my philosophy around “health and wellness” is always evolving. At one point in my career, my main focus was diet and I didn’t really consider other components of “wellness.” Needless to say, a lot has changed throughout the years! I try to live a balanced lifestyle by eating well, working out, and engaging in self-care.

Self-care looks different for everyone! A big thing for me has been learning more about beauty products and trying to make that switch to more natural, eco-friendly products. I can’t say I will ever go “all natural”, but I am thinking more about my beauty products! If I care so much about what goes into my body, I should also care about what goes onto my body, right?! At the end of the day, anything you put on your skin goes directly into your blood-stream. For this reason, I have been choosing brands that are a little bit more natural and that avoid harmful ingredients like parabens and chemicals. It’s a huge plus for me if the products are eco-friendly too!

Why I  Yves Rocher

Getting the opportunity to work with Yves Rocher has been so informative for me! I have learned so much more about natural and eco-friendly skincare! I love that they put an emphasis on nature and the environment with their products. They literally have a million different products so I just wanted to highlight a few of my favourites that I’ve been enjoying this summer, especially with all the traveling I’ve been doing! I selected items that you can take in a carry on bag or throw into an overnight bag if you are going on a little getaway. I know that a lot of hotels include some personal care items in the bathrooms but I love to bring my own products when I travel. It helps my skin from having a total freak out, lets me keep up with my skincare routine and, I like that I am using products that are environmentally friendly.

Here are my Top 3 Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials from Yves:

  1. Energizing Concentrated Shower Gel in Mango Coriander – Guys!!! This literally smells like Mango – it’s insane. This shower gel is a combination of organically farmed Aloe Vera gel, Coriander essential oil, and Mango extract. It’s pH balanced for skin, preservative-free and paraben-free , which I love. It makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed after a shower.  *For every shower gel sold, Yves plants a tree 🙂
  2. Concentrated Shampoo – This shampoo is so amazing!! It’s preservative-free, paraben-free, colorant and silicone-free, which means your hair is getting such good treatment! BONUS: the 100mL bottle gives you the same amount of shampoos – 30 – as the 300mL bottle, which makes it perfect for travel! *For every shampoo sold , Yves plants a tree 🙂
  3. 100% Mineral Sunscreen – If you know me, you know that I am the sunscreen queen and I totally swear by SPF to keep my skin healthy. This mineral sunscreen contains zinc oxide, which is amazing for your skin! It’s vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, perfume-free and colorant free. It doesn’t make your skin feel greasy and doesn’t leave a white layer.

Why these products are awesome

I love these products, not only because they’re so good for your skin and your hair, but they’re travel-friendly and they’re also so much better for the environment! They’re made with less plastic and more recycle-friendly and biodegradable components, which is so amazing. Plus, these 100mL bottles of products are all concentrated, meaning you’re getting just as much from the smaller versions as you would from the bigger ones!

If you’re a bit of a traveler like me, I would totally recommend skipping the trip to the dollar store to buy those mini bottles to try and squeeze your products into and pick up some of these Yves products!! You’ll be doing good by your skin AND by the environment. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

What are your travel essentials? Are they eco-friendly? I want to know!!

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