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For the past few months I have been hearing left right and centre about cauliflower pizza crust. I am always down to try and make new things, but the idea of cauliflower crust did not really appeal to me. I mean, if I am going to splurge and eat pizza…I am going to eat PIZZA.

I started to explore the craze and came across many variations of cauliflower crust. This CARBless crust has become quite a phenomenon in the paelo world, and is great for those limiting their intake of carbohydrates. Be prepared because it does have a different taste than your typical slice of pizza, but it is still delicious.

I adapted Lauren Conrad’s Cauli Crust and came up with my own IHART doughless pizza crust. Last week me and my friend Carly tried out the recipe- and it was a delicious SUCCESS! We also made some nutritious sides: balsamic olive oil broccolini, and rosemary sweet potatoes.