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Anyone who’s spent the majority of 2020 working from home knows it can at times feel extremely isolating and demotivating. I’m with you there! We’re in the final stretch of the year, the holiday season is upon us, and it’s easy to revert to bad habits, especially knowing that in just a few short weeks we can ‘reset’ and start over. I’ve never been one to promote needing a new year or season to start over. Why wait to feel good? Here are 5 simple ways to avoid burning out that you can start right now:


I know this one might sound ironic coming from me (a literal social influencer lol!) but I truly mean it. I take a social media and phone break every week, and it’s one of my favourite ways to get grounded. I’ll definitely be taking a longer break over the holidays, but even putting my phone away past 9pm is a great way to relax and be freed from social or work-related pressures. So many of us are only away from our phones while we’re sleeping or showering, which is crazy to think about! Take some old-fashioned phone-free time for yourself, and enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea without endless scrolling.

TRY THIS! Sign out of Instagram before dinner 3 x week. When your fingers inevitably find themselves on the IG app, you’ll be pleasantly reminded to stop when you see you’re signed out 🙂 If you’re thaattttt stressed don’t waste your 10 minutes of precious time scrolling IG when you could be sipping tea and reading a book. 


I talk a lot about meal prep on my IG and blog, which is only doable with a healthy selection of ingredients in your kitchen. I 100% encourage supporting local restaurants, but eating takeout every night can be dangerous for your wallet and your health goals. Support local by shopping at your neighbourhood’s local food markets and grocers, and stock up on easy ingredients and snacks so you always have food when you’re in a pinch! 

TRY THIS! When in doubt, I always have eggs, cucumber, hummus, sprouted bread in the freezer, avocados, PB + J, chickpea pasta, and tomato sauce so I can make healthy ‘fast foods’ at home. 


I know we’re in a lockdown right now, and many of our social lives have been impacted. That said, even when you’re at home it’s OK to not pick up every phone call, or respond to every text.  I’m not saying you should ignore your friends or family, but I do think it’s important to not be reachable at every moment of every day. The same goes for work too! I’m not saying to tell your boss to !@$% off, but rather set boundaries for yourself by not checking your work email every 15 minutes in the evening. Give yourself a social detox by setting social boundaries and feeling confident to say NO without hurting anyones feelings. The important people in your life love you no matter what, and will understand.

TRY THIS! Say no. Yes. It’s that simple! 


Sitting all day at home can be super dangerous, and it’s important to stretch and get some flow in your body! Try and commit to at least 20 minutes of daily exercise. Sometimes walking is harder on rainy or super cold days, but I also find that it’s fun(ish) going outside my comfort zone and getting outside even when the sun isn’t shining! I often remind myself that I don’t have the time NOT TO move, because it helps with productivity and mental focus. I love walking in the morning, or even taking a 20 minute work break to walk around the neighbourhood whenever I have time in the day.

TRY THIS! Don’t got 20 minutes? Do you have 5 minutes to walk up and down your street, or 60 seconds to do a plank? Both will get your heart rate up, and honour your commitment to getting in some movement! 


There’s something so cathartic about a good clean, amiright?! If you’re a neat freak already, go you! I’m super jealous. But if you’re anything like me, cleaning doesn’t come natural to you. Sometimes in life we need a friendly push, so here I am pushing myself (and you if you need it!). Don’t overwhelm yourself with too much. Perhaps you begin with a surface clean by vacuuming/mopping your floors, and wiping down the surfaces in your kitchen and bath. That might motivate you to tackle some kitchen or closet organizing. There’s no denying that a clean home is one of the best ways to feel refreshed and motivated to take on anything. 

TRY THIS! Anyone can handle something for 5-minutes! Clean for 5 minutes after your morning coffee, and 5 minutes after your dinner. You’ll feel so much better to start/end your night on a clean note! 


What are your best hacks to avoid burn out? Share them below! xx