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If you live in Toronto, you know it’s a gongshow, and to make matters worse, it snowed this morning lol like thank you Mr. Weatherman for making things even more dramatic. Aside from the very real concerns outside of our control, it’s important to be in the moment and focus on the little things that make you happy. 

And let me take a minute to pause. If you are rolling your eyes reading this, please know that I FEEL YOU! I hate when people tell me to focus on the good when I’m feeling sad, anxious, stressed, etc. I’m not telling you to ignore your feelings or emotions. What I am telling you, is that YES it’s easy to get stuck in a slump BUT complaining all the time isn’t healthy or helpful. I’ll tell you what is healthy – acceptance. In the past few weeks I have had a real mindset shift. I am doing a better job at accepting my current reality, and instead focusing on what feels good. After all, a positive mindset needs to be intentional and takes work.

So, let’s cut to the chase. Outside of the essential key wellness players (healthy diet, sleep, physical activity, journaling etc.) I like to focus on the little things that make life more FUN. 

Here are 10 small random things I do that make life more fun:

  1. EPIC BRUNCH- Cook a fun weekend brunch. Plan it ahead of time and make a menu! (shakshuka, eggs, bacon, waffles/pancakes, berries, yogurt, homemade granola, israeli salad- whatever floats your boat). 
  2. Splurge on lattes- I recently had the Starbucks coconut milk moon latte. Yes, it was overpriced, but it was delicious and made me happy. I also love just checking out new coffee shops. 
  3. Fresh flowers- $8 tulips have been my jam lately. They bring life and beauty into my condo, and create a great energy. I always say it’s important to have at least 1 living thing in your home. Flowers, plants, whatever!
  4. Happy Hours- My sister and I have been into Saturday afternoon happy hours (she’s my bubble) We’ve made bourbon lavender lemonade, spicy margs, and sometimes just drink kombucha out of wine glasses. I am ready to buy some fun cocktail glasses! Recommendations?
  5. Large Ice Cube Trays- So this is especially key for #3. Big ice cubes make life BETTER! 
  6. Lemon cucumber water- Imagine this. You are working from home and go to sip some water… and you realize it’s in a glass mason jar filled with lemon, and cucumber. It will make you feel like you’re at the spa, until you remember seconds later that you’re still in a 1 year lockdown 😉  p.s add in a glass straw and you will feel like royalty.
  7. Have a dedicated night each week to order dinner – It’s a fun way to enjoy different cuisines, have a night off of cooking, and help support restaurants!
  8. Podcasts/Audiobooks- Learning something new helps you feel motivated, inspired and entertained. Every Sunday I do a deep clean of my condo and listen for a couple of hours. It’s very therapeutic. 
  9. Walk in a new neighbourhood-  There’s nothing I love more than feeling like a traveller in my own city. Grab a coffee, and walk somewhere new! Beaches, kensington market, ravine, ossington, etc. 
  10. Cook- Cooking is fun when you are able to plan ahead. Explore some recipes, shop for groceries, and time block when and what you are cooking. I like to clean my condo, light a candle, listen to fun music, and cook! Making it a “thing” just makes it more fun.

I know life is hard. So please take care of yourself and consider the little things that make life more fun!

Here are 20 random things YOU said that make life more fun:

  1. Early morning walks to the water with coffee
  2. Wednesday donut parties with my daughter
  3. Tutoring my baby cousin
  4. Bath and wine night Wednesdays
  5. Facetimes with my baby nephew
  6. I put on music and dance for 5 minutes after I finish something on my to do list
  7. Sending ugly selfies to my friends to make them laugh
  8. Picnic dinners on the floor with my 5 year old 
  9. Cocktails & wine
  10. Drunk wine and cheese face-times with friends and ending the call when I want!
  11. I make a new recipe every Thursday
  12. Fresh flower Fridays!
  13. Wednesday Night Book Clubs with my Mom and Sis
  14. Jazz Music on Sunday mornings
  15. Watching my fav TV Show- Malcolm in the Middle *this one made me LOL
  16. Pole Dancing
  17. Whale Watching * ummm where do you live?
  18. Sunday morning fresh croissants
  19. Weekly Saturday walks with my bestie 
  20. Taking my dog to the dog park, and watching her live her best life

Hope this made you smile! Read this if you’re feeling totally burnt out, and click here for more lockdown tips!