Work With Me - I Hart Nutrition

Basic ihart nutrition package:

Initial Consultation (1 hour) & Follow up (30 minutes):

Part 1: In the initial consult we will review your overall health history using a quick health intake. We will review your health & nutrition goals and I will provide you with general guidelines.

Part 2: After the first consult I will create a customized health plan with specific guidelines:

  1. Dietary Recommendations
  2. Supplement Recommendations
  3. Lifestyle Recommendations
  4. Recipe Ideas

Supreme ihart nutrition package:

Initial Consultation (1 hour) & two (30 minute) follow up appointments + 5 day customized meal plan:

Cupboard Cleanse:

(2 hours) 

Not sure what is healthy/ not healthy in your fridge? Don’t fret! Together we look through your fridge/cupboard and remove items that are not benefiting your health (items that leads to weight gain,items w/ too much sodium, etc.)

Afterwards I teach you how to read labels & we create a healthy shopping list. 


Add ons:

Menu Planning:

7 day menu plan catered to your health concerns, allergies, sensitivities, etc.

Looking for a specific service that is not on this website? Please contact Jordana to book a free 15 minute consultation so she can address your needs.