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As someone who was born and raised in Toronto, I never really had a need to stay at a hotel- until recently!  A few weeks ago was my sister’s bachelorette in Toronto and she wanted a staycation in the city. Our approach was to pretend we were tourists in our own city- and it was the best weekend!

We really lucked out because the Westin Harbor Castle hosted us for our bachelorette weekend in the city. And as the name suggests, it’s located right by the water. I don’t typically have the opportunity to be near Lake Ontario, so this was an amazing treat.

The Hotel: 

We were initially under the impression we would be staying in a standard room and upon arrival at the hotel we were generously upgraded to a suite! This was a huge added bonus to the weekend, but to be honest we would have also been so happy in their standard room!


What I love about the Westin Harbour Castle is that it’s very “ihart”. What I mean by that is, the hotel is pretty up to speed with understanding that people are very into health & wellness. Travel for business or pleasure often leaves people feeling drained and bloated. This hotel actually encourages you to stay active and healthy. They have a superfood menu full of healthy eats, awesome fitness facilities, and it’s located right by the water so it’s perfect to walk around and enjoy the views.

The Food:

For breakfast on Saturday morning we got into our robes and enjoyed an in-suite breakfast from the superfoods menu. It was healthy and delicious and really set the stage for a day full of wellness. We had 100% green juice, coffee with almond milk, yogurt with fresh fruit, and eggs. Also, the hotel offers all of these foods at their breakfast buffet but in honour of my sister’s bachelorette we wanted to cozy up in our rooms and eat breakfast there to take advantage of the suite life!

On Friday before we went out to dinner we enjoyed a bottle of wine and a cheese board. This was such a nice way to kickstart the weekend. We sipped on our wine and enjoyed the lakeside views. We also used the app massago to get in suite massages to really wind down and feel pampered.


The hotel has a fitness program called “Pack Light Stay Fit Gear Lending Program”. They partnered with New Balance and lend out running shoes and full fitness attire. I obviously packed my own activewear but I thought this was genius. On Sunday morning I let my sisters sleep in and I went for a light jog by the water which was breathtaking!  

All in all it was such an amazing experience staying at the Westin Harbour Castle, and I can’t say enough about their hospitality. It was the perfect weekend staycation!