Passover Detox

Whether it’s Passover or Easter, the holidays are a time where many of us over indulge.  Don’t be hard on yourselves if you’ve “tasted” a few too many dishes in the past few days. Okay, let’s be real, don’t be hard on yourselves if you’ve gone to town on some of these dishes either. Do not fear, you are not alone.  

 The warning bells should go off if:

1. You still feel bloated (maybe because you can’t stop eating matzah pizzas?)
2. You woke up with a stomach ache (late night brisket?)
3. You are in pain (perma food coma?)
4. You feel tired and gross (in need of some physical activity?)

 Action Plan (for the following 3 days adhere to the following):

  1. Start your day with water & lemon
  2. Drink 5 cups+ of water. And no, coffee juice & tea do do not count. 
  3. Include a serving (1/2- 1 cup) of  raw fruits or vegetables at every meal. Raw fruits & veggies have live enzymes that help break down the food you are eating. (If you are going to have matzah pizza, make sure to have it with a salad or fruit).
  4. Get Physical- get outside and go for a walk, jumping jacks, jog, run, bike ride, etc. Lying limp in your bed will only prolong your discomforted belly, trust me! No time to work out? No problem! See #5
  5. 60 second plank- Start your day with a mere 60 seconds of physical exercise (p.s. if you find yourself out of breath, do this for the rest of the week…

 seder plate


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