Fat free makes you fat

fat freeI hope by now you have all read the rules section of my blog. I want to dig a little deeper into commandment # 3- “Though shall not eat non fat and fat free” (this refers to packaged and processed foods). 

There is a growing trend of fat free and low fat products in North America. Eating food without feeling guilty- I mean seriously, what could be better? 

The problem is, when fat is removed from a product, it has to be replaced by something else. And this something else is often SUGAR. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sugar, just like fat, will make you fat! Yes, fat. I said it! Our bodies only use a tiny bit of this energy for fuel, and the rest gets stored away as fat…tear

 I know what you’re thinking, what about when it says sugar free? When low fat and fat free products do not have loads of sugar they are often replaced with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Not only do these toxic ingredients damage your liver, but they don’t satisfy you either. So really, don’t pat yourself on the back for using fat free dressing on your salad, because you will most likely have a craving for something far worse later.

 The term low fat has become a marketing jackpot for manufacturers. Companies can literally take a teaspoon of fat out of their original product and label it as low fat. I was recently at the grocery store and noticed a “low fat”bacon double cheeseburger cream cheese...need I say more. 

Just remember, everything is okay in moderation; just use your judgment and remember fat free and low fat does not mean healthy! Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks and always remember to read labels! 

Some exceptions to the rule include:
• Fat free yogurt
• Skim milk
• Frozen yogurt

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