Classic Green Juice

 Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shotI absolutely love juicing because I know I am fuelling my body with tons of vitamins and minerals! As a reminder a juice differs from a smoothie because it does not contain any pulp/fiber. (aka you need a juicer for juice, and a blender for smoothies). This morning I felt like a green boost so I created this “classic green juice”. This juice not only tastes amazing but is also alkalizing, and nourishing. 

Use organic ingredients & always wash everything before juicing. 

 Why i hart this classic green juice:

  • green apple→  reduces blood pressure
  • lemon→ excellent source of vitamin C
  • ginger→ prevents cold & flu
  • kale→ lowers cholesterol
  • parlsey → great source of folic acid

Classic Green Juice
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  1. 1/2 cucumber
  2. 1 green apple
  3. 1/2 lemon
  4. A 2.5 cm piece of ginger
  5. handful of kale
  6. handful of parsley
  1. Juice all ingredients
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