Stay skinny at Starbucks Part 1

starbucksLet’s get it all out on the table→ Starbucks, our second home, the place we have come to know and love, is not healthy. But simmer down, for ihartnutrition still supports Starbucks. It’s kind of a love/hate relationship, and just like everything else, it is something that should be consumed in moderation.

 We all know Starbucks is for hotties. Let’s be real-you look way hotter rocking a Venti Starbucks than an extra extra large Tim Horton’s coffee. Want to look even hotter? Rock Starbucks the healthier way, with the help of ihart tips.

 In the ihartnutrition world you have to be mindful when you order:

 While you may think it is absolutely imperative that you order the grande or venti latte, let’s be real-it’s going to go cold in about 5 minutes anyways. Oversized drinks contain high-cal milk, carbohydrates, and loads of sugar (sugar=fat…eventually). So keep your specialty drinks to tall, unless you’re ordering water, tea, or regular coffee. And if you don’t want to listen to me it’s totally cool, you’re just an unhealthy loser!

  1. Watching your weight? Limit speciality drinks (even if it’s non fat) to a couple times per week.
  2. Opt for skim milk in a latte(why? you are drinking a ton of milk, so it eliminates the saturated fat) If you do not enjoy skim, ask for 1% milk.
  3. If you order tea or coffee, feel free to include 2% milk, or half and half (it’s just a bit, and your drink will taste way better!)
  4. “Skinny drinks” does not mean “healthy”. It may be low in fat, but it is still high in carbohydrates.
  5. Most short and tall speciality drinks have the same amount of caffeine, so opt for a short!
  6. Combination Rules:
  • Latte + snack = no! (why? Extremely unbalanced, TONS of useless carbohydrates. If you are having carbs in your snack you do not also need them in your beverage)
  • Coffee/Tea + snack = yes! (These beverages are fat free, carb free, and sugar free, so you are only getting the “bad stuff” from the snack)

Stay tuned for Skinny Starbucks Part II, where you will learn which snacks at Starbucks are legit, and which ones you should steer clear of.

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