Tired of being tired?

 tiredIs waking up in the morning torture? Do you not consider yourself a “person” until you consume your morning coffee? Do you often experience a late afternoon slump between 3-4 pm? Weak immune system? Prone to catching the common cold? If this is the case you are seriously in need of a diet makeover.


 Incorporate these 5 foods into your diet to fight fatigue:

1. Goji berries– a “superfood” which contains amino acids, essential fatty acids and 12 trace
2. Spinach– increases energy production, promotes concentration, and prevents headaches
3. Salmon– full of healthy omega 3 fats, and vitamins that improve mood and cognition
4. Pumpkin seeds– rich in magnesium which fights fatigue
5. Kale– one of the healthiest foods available that balances blood sugar levels to keep you alert all
day long without a crash!

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By: Jordana Hart- Toronto Nutritionist

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